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My sister started the 100% collagen capsules and I was so amazed with the results that I began myself. Within 9 days I was stunned at the results, as was my sister. My skin had totally changed for the better. Lines had disappeared and I looked and felt younger and my confidence was at an all-time high. I am so excited by this dramatic change that I cannot stop talking to everyone about it.
Linda Ince
I am a very sceptical person and therefore when I tried this product I decided to give it 3 months just to prove to a friend that it would not work. Well the truth is that after only 2 months I have noticed a difference, my skin feels a lot smoother and it has become easier to wet shave. The most remarkable change however is a scar on my face which I have had for over 10 years. It has faded away to a very faint like. All I can say is try it for yourself and see.
M. Keir
I have been taking collagen tablets now for 3 months with some very remarkable results. The first improvement was my bust definitely firmer. I have also lost that tired, haggard look on my face
R. Phillipson
To whom it may concern We have used Pure-Col for the treatment of stretch marks, along with laser and acids peels. We also use Pure Col for the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles with dermal fillers. It seems that Collagen often enhances the effect of the cosmetic treatment
Dr Ash Dutta
There is nothing on the market like collagen. I have beenlooking for a collagen-based product for over 20 years. I have repeatedly asked manufacturers to formulate a product like pure collagen to no avail. I love collagen's delivery system-it is simple and elegant. Without changing any major behaviours, my patients are seeing positive results and feeling great! This is the one fundamental nutrientI recommend to each patient.
Dr Edward Lafontaine
"I have been using these products for my hip area and I can really feel the benefits"
Olivier Bernard Ex Pro Newcastle united, Rangers
"I use the ‘PAINNOMORE’ lotion after workouts and training and I have noticed aches, pains and inflammation have reduced by applying this product"
Jozo Šimunović - Celtic F.C Croatian internationalCeltic F.C Croatian international
"The Pure-Col Collagen has made me feel a lot healthier and more energized throughout the season"
Ryan Taffazolli - Peterborough F.C
"I highly recommend ‘PAINNOMORE’ to anyone who wants fast and effective pain relief after games"
Matt Green - Mansfield Town F.C
"I am taken pure-col collagen, it’s really helping with my aches and pains that I accumulated over my years in the professional game"
Steve Howard Ex pro Leicester City, Sheff Wed
"Pure-Col collagen has helped me to recover and heal from the injuries I have picked up from playing rugby at the highest level"
Jamie Noon – Rugby Star
"I always recommend Pure-Col collagen supplement as a must when it comes to protecting the knees from injury"
Ian Campbell - Premier Football Club Fitness Expert
"Training and competing as a full time athlete, I am delighted to have discovered Pure-Col 100% Collagen capsules. I am taking them to help maintain healthy connective tissue, muscles, joints and cartilage and assist in any injuries that I may get"
Aoife Byrne – Athlete
"I began taking Pure-Col about 5 years ago for a “shoulder” that had been causing me severe aggravation for several months and which I honestly say no longer causes me to lose any sleep after a hard match"
Chris Ornstein – Professional Tennis Player

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Pure-Col™ Sport

Pure Col Born 1999

The only thing that’s changed in the last 19+ years are the labels – why change a winning formulation !!

Pure-Col™ Sport provides some of the UK’s leading health and sports supplements, with a portfolio of high quality and innovative products to help maintain muscle and joint health while boosting health and wellness.

Our products are used and endorsed by many high profile sportspeople and athletes including premier league footballers, rugby stars, tennis and golf pros, athletes and personal trainers.
And our products continue to appear in media across the board, including leading specialist sport, fitness, health, lifestyle and general newspapers, magazines and blogs.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best products on the market, as well as excellent support.

Our primary goals are outlined below:-

  • To produce the best quality supplements found anywhere
  • To provide a professional, excellent and rapid service for all of our customers
  • To drive the industry and market forward with competitive pricing, top services and innovation
  • To deliver real solutions for people where prescription medication is not working

Our product portfolio includes the following:

Pure-Col Collagen

pure-colPure-Col Collagen – For sportspeople, athletes and gym goers seeking physiological protection and repair as well as those suffering from general aches and pains including arthritis. It also helps smooth ageing skin.


A deep healing lotion which, applied topically, acts as a deep heat, alleviating muscular and joint aches and pains

Perfect Aloe Matrix

aloe-matrixAlso aids aching joints and aching muscles but coming in the form of a capsule and with double the potency of Perfect Aloe Juice.